Dolphin Restaurant – Cafe

delfiniDolphin to Vlichada beach

Dolphin (Το Δελφίνι in Greek language)  is a seaside Cafe Snack Bar who is offering  cool drinks and delicious appetizers next to Vlihada beach. Greek  traditional cuisine with calamari, octopus, spotted dogfish, sardines, crayfish, anchovies, skate and fresh fish. Delphini also offers burgers and grilled meat. A cozy family run snack bar in the seaside, where the service will take willingly George, Dimitris and Nikos, with good humor and professionalism.

To find the Dolphin

Vlichada beach, where Δελφίνι is situated, has very good road access and you will need about 10 minutes drive both from Theologos, OSMAES or Malessina. The Dolphin has private parking area for clients and you will find it on the end of the beach.

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