Theologos Village

Theologos the village of St. John the Theologian belongs to Lokris Municipality of Central Greece region who was created by the administrative reform Kallikratis” by the merger of the former municipalities Atalante, Dafnousion, Opountion and Malesinas. This relatively new municipality has Atalanta as capital town.  Lokris Municipality is extending in an area of 614,7 km ² and its population is approximately 25,000 residents.

Theologos is a small fishermen village with 803 residents. It  is situated in a short distance from Malessina coast of Opountia Gulf, in place of the ancient portcity of Alon. The settlement was founded by a small number of families Malesinas residents who moved to the beach of Theologos in 1923.

The name of the village is after the big church of St. John the Theologian. The beautiful setting of the village, in a large sheltered bay, helped make the region quickly become known to become a major tourist resort.

The main beach is located along the coastal road. It is very long but narrow in width. It has fine sand and very clear water deepens gradually. The port of Theologian hosts dozens of small fishing vessels suppling Theologos local taverns and restaurants with fresh fish.

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